Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shalyn this is for YOOOUU!

a few things, first off it was soo fun last night! we gotta do that more. raawwrr! :)
i do not not not like how huge the picture of tyler and i are on the page but i cant for the life of me make it smaller!! i did figure out how to post!
i promise to blog when its more fun rather than a headache and makes me feel dumb when i cant figure it out!


  1. Okay, so I am at school right now not paying attention, saw your update via blogger and am now skipping class in the library due to your TERRIFIC title! HA! Last night was amazing, except for I think I had a bit too much sugar and will never try to "Rawwrrr" ever ever ever again. I think your blog looks adorable- lets meet up sometime (Thursday afternoon?) and ill give you another tutorial and help you make your picture smaller! YAY YOU! Love you girl!

  2. Oh no!! Now Shay will never let me hear the end!! Ha us non-bloggers were supposed to stick together:)

  3. but cass u are a blogger now! (this is my first time logging on i think since that post)