Thursday, October 20, 2011


I realized that i was going to have to change my blog name in just a few months from 3 browns to 4 browns! Im approaching 28 weeks (3 days away). She doesn't have a for sure- set name, but the one we tinker with and call her for now if Rylee. Ok, thats the first time i've written it or typed or seen it.... not sure how i like it?!? maybe im in a weird mood. I feel like picking names is so hard! they have it with them forever! If it were up to me and only me she would be named Peyton. Im in LOVE witht that name but tyler wont jump on board :(
Parker is sooo funny when it comes to my belly. At this moment he is stroking my tummy saying "be soft to sister". He also rubs my belly (it always needs to be bare mind you) and says "wake up Peyton!" Im glad someone is on my side with that name! I cant wait for her to come and for parker to be a big brother. I really think he will be an amazing help and such a sweet brother! (for a few years anyway). I will probably post pictures sometime soon... when i take some. :)

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